Campania DOC wines

The Controlled Designation of Origin (DOC) consists of a category used in oenology to certify the area of origin compatible with the harvesting of the grapes used for the realisation of the product on which this mark is affixed. The DOC mark is used to designate a renowned and prestigious wine, whose characteristics are connected to the natural environment and the human factors, respecting a specific procedural guideline approved by a ministerial decree.
Before being on the market, DOC wines have to undergo a preliminary chemical-physical analysis during the production phase and an organoleptic test that certifies compliance with the requirements set out in the procedural guideline; failure to comply with them consequently prevents the wines from being on the market with the DOC designation. The designation was created in the 1960s by the Roman lawyer Rolando Ricci, at that time an official of the ministry of agriculture. The Controlled Designation of Origin was established with the Decree Law n. 930, issued on the 12 July 1963. The first DOC designation from the Campania region certifies the wines produced in the territory of the Island of Ischia, in 1966, since that time many other Campania wines have obtained this prestigious recognition. Since 2010 the DOC designation, as well as the DOCG designation, has been included in the EU DOP category.

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