Greco di Tufo DOCG wine

Greco di Tufo DOCG wine is produced by the Greco vine’s grape variety. Despite an initial development of viticulture before the arrival of the Greeks, the first historical trace on the spread of vine cultivation in the Campania region – and especially regarding Greco grapes – dates back to the 1st century B.C.: there is a clear clue on an ancient fresco located in the Roman villa of Moregine, near the ancient walls of the city of Pompeii, where the appellative “Greco wine” appears. From the slopes of Vesuvius, Greco vine begins to spread to the district of Avellino, where the wine takes the name of Greco di Tufo. Other its historical testimonies can be found in the writings of Cato, Pliny the Elder, Varro, Virgilio and Columella, while in the Middle Ages it is reported in a local ordinance which instituted at the time a duty on the quantity of grapes produced in the municipality of Montefusco; since the end of the 19th Century it became the protagonist of the wine production of the area of the municipality of Tufo, above all thanks to the discovery of some sulphur deposits and the advent of sulphur treatment, a vine growing technique mainly aimed at defending grapes against pathogenic elements. Greco di Tufo DOCG wine is exclusively produced in eight municipalities in the district of Avellino, in a natural area largely included in the Partenio Regional Park: Tufo, Altavilla Irpina, Chianche, Montefusco, Prata di Principato Ultra, Petruro Irpino, Santa Paolina and Torrioni. The organoleptic properties of Greco di Tufo DOCG lend this wine a more or less intense straw yellow colour. The olfactory profile of this DOCG white wine is pleasant, intense, and characteristic and it has a fresh, dry and harmonious taste.

Greco di Tufo DOCG: a brief overview on the modes of production

The grapes used for the vinification of Greco di Tufo DOCG wine are grown at an elevation ranging from 300 to 650 metres above sea level and in those areas mainly consisting of soil composed of clay and limestone, with the presence of sand and silt. According to the corresponding procedural guideline, grapes from Greco vine have to be used for a percentage of 85 per cent at least, while the addition of grapes from the Coda di Volpe vine is allowed for a maximum percentage of 15 per cent. For the production of Greco di Tufo Riserva wine, it is necessary an aging process of 12 months at least and it must run from 1 November of the year of the harvest.

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