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The DOP designation (Protected Designation of Origin) was born in 2010, as a consequence of the entry into force of the new European Common Market Organization, following an important change also concerning the EU legislation which disciplines the classification and labeling of wine products. According to the EU legislation, DOP wines are defined as wines whose characteristics depend almost entirely on the geographical area in which they are produced. The focus is firstly on the geographical environment from which the wine products come, and in particular it focuses on specific aspects, such as, for example, natural or human factors, the climate, the peculiarity of the soil, the craftsmanship, the production techniques, all elements which, combined together, create an inimitable and unique product only in a defined geographical area. As a matter of fact, again with reference to DOP wines, the EU legislation establishes that all production phases have to take place in the limited area of ​​their origin and before being placed on the market DOP wines must therefore be subjected to a rigorous qualitative analysis that verifies their compatibility with the regulations declared in the producedural guidelines. Thanks to the new EU legislation, since 2010 the DOC and DOCG designations have merged into the DOP designation. Before being put on the arket, wines with the DOC designation have to undergo a preliminary chemical-physical analysis during the production phase and an organoleptic test that certifies compliance with the requirements of the procedural guideline; consequently, failure to comply with them prevents them from being placed on the market with the DOC designation. For wines with the DOCG designation, in addition to the organoleptic examination, a sensory analysis (tasting phase) is also provided, carried out by a special commission.

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