Campania “Riserva” wines

The “Riserva” designation is attributed to those vintages that are particularly good in terms of harvest quality and, in general, a wine labeled in this way is the product of a vinification process that provides for a specific aging and refinement period, which is more prolonged than that of the basic version of the same wine. In this regard, the Italian legislation (law no. 238/12 December 2016, “The organic discipline of the cultivation of vines and of the wine production and trade”), establishes that: ” The “Riserva” mention is attributed to wines with the Origin Designation (DO) that have undergone an aging period, including any potential refinement process, which lasts not less than: a) two years for red wines; b) one year for white wines; c) one year for sparkling wines obtained with the fermentation process in an autoclave called the “Martinotti method” or “Charmat method”; d) three years for sparkling wines obtained with natural refermentation in the bottle.” The Italian legislation therefore certifies that the “Riserva” mention can only be attributed to wines of particular value and quality, DOC and DOCG wines, DOP wines according to the EU legislation. A “Riserva” wine is therefore a wine of absolute value and excellent quality. An important element is constituted by the fact that the aging period of a “Riserva” wine is always higher than that of the basic version of the same wine; moreover, every single procedural guideline can establish different aging periods for these wines, always higher and never lower than those reported in the procedural guideline. Furthermore, not all the procedural guidelines establish the “Riserva” mention, because not all wines are suitable for a prolonged aging process. On the label, the “Riserva” mention appears after the name of the vine, often followed by the indication of the vintage.

As far as Campania wines are concerned, the “Riserva” mention is added to both DOCG and DOC red wines, generally subjected to an aging process of at least three years, and to several white wines typologies, which usually go through an aging phase of at least one year. The most renowned Campania “Riserva” wines are, as regards red wines, Taurasi Riserva DOCG and Aglianico del Taburno DOCG Riserva, the Riserva versions of the Irpinia DOC and Sannio DOC red wines, those produced in the islands of Ischia and Capri, and many others; the Greco di Tufo Riserva DOCG, the Fiano di Avellino Riserva DOCG and others are among the best Campania white wines with the “Riserva” mention.

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