Campania raisin wines

In vogue especially in recent years, the raisin wines of the Campania region (also known as sweet wines) stand out in the production and the experimentation of typical regional wine specialties. Indeed, the Campania region boasts of a wide variety of raisin wines thanks to the presence of several native vines from which it is possible to produce wine types based on both white and red grape varieties. Campania raisin wines are unique and particularly interesting wines with different organoleptic characteristics according to the territorial area and the specific grape variety; they are obtained through specific production processes that mainly concern the accentuation of their olfactory profile. Thanks to their particular qualities, the raisin wines of the Campania region are particularly suitable for combinations with food and wine products ranging from aged cheeses to sweet courses and pastry-making in general. In the case of red raisin wines, there is an olfactory profile that encompasses both fruity and floral scents; raisin wines deriving from white grapes, on the other hand, have a refined yellow colour and a series of aromas ranging from fruity scents to spicy fragrances.

Campania raisin wines: a brief overview on the modes of production

According to the processes indicated in the procedural guidelines, the grapes dedicated to the realisation of Campania raisin wines naturally ripen on the plants, favored by the mild climate enjoyed by the region; sometimes this phase continues by arranging the grapes on racks exposed to the sun or in well-ventilated cellars. The result is, therefore, that of a wine characterized by a considerable concentration of sugars, but also of aromas and extractive substances, characterized by a final gustatory balance proportionally harmonized by the right acidity. Regarding Campania raisin wines, the province of Benevento corresponds to the area that records the highest production level, thanks to the high availability of grapes dedicated to this purpose. In this zone raisin wines deriving from white berry grapes are generally based on the Falanghina vine, while for the red berry ones the use of Barbera del Sannio grapes is predominant. Particularly valuable are the raisin wines produced in the territorial area close to the border between Campania and Puglia, but also those produced in the volcanic areas, in Irpinia and in the district of Caserta, where especially in recent years the production has begun to reach important levels of excellence and recognition on national and international level.

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