Irpinia DOC white wine

Campania white wines with the Irpinia DOC designation are produced in the administrative area of the distric of Avellino and they are divided into several types: Irpinia DOC bianco, Irpinia DOC Coda di Volpe, Irpinia DOC Greco, Irpinia DOC Fiano and Irpinia DOC Falanghina. These white wines are characterized by the variety composition, as regars the vines allowed for the wine production, by the specific modes if vinification and by their particular organoleptic properties. Vineyards are located in areas that enjoy a good alternation between hot and cold temperatures, good exposure to the sun and an elevation that generally does not exceed 600 metres above sea level. Despite the millennial presence of these types of vines in the Campania hinterland, only since 2003 white wines produced in this area have received prestige and resonance thanks to the approval of the prestigious DOC designation. Campania white wines with the Irpinia DOC designation have a more or less intense straw yellow colour (tending to greenish in the case of Falanghina wine), an intense olfactory profile, ranging from floral to fruity, and a dry and soft flavour.

Irpinia DOC white wines: a brief overview on the modes of production

According to the indications reported in the procedural guideline, Irpinia DOC bianco is composed for a percentage of grapes from the Greco and Fiano vines ranging from 40 to 50 per cent for each type of grape, while for the remaining part it is allowed the use of grapes from white grape varieties suitable for cultivation in the district of Avellino; Irpinia DOC Coda di Volpe is a young white wine that comes from the ancient vine of the same name, already known at the time of the Latins and also mentioned in the writings of Pliny the Elder, for which it has been foreseen a vinification process based on the 85 per cent of grapes from the vine of the same name, while for the remaining part it is possible to add white grapes suitable for cultivation; the same procedure has been foreseen for the Greco, Fiano and Falanghina qualities, for which the spumante version is also available (for Fiano and Greco it is also available the passito version).

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