Ponterotto: wines, history and philosophy

The Ponterotto winery was born in Mirabella Eclano, a small town in the Irpinia region located in the middle Calore valley, thanks to the determination of three brothers, Antonio, Gaetano and Maria Luisa Di Pietro, with the aim of enhancing the land inherited from their ancestors, respecting the family sacrifices for the purchase and working of the land. In this way they keep alive a long-lasting and continuous family tradition, which has become a true symbol of belonging based on ancient common origins and peasant knowledge.

Ponterotto: the wines

The purpose of the Ponterotto winery consists in supporting an entrepreneurial commitment that aims to “defend the native viticulture of the area and relaunch the oldest biotypes with the best characteristics”, as stated by the Di Pietro brothers themselves. Their processing methods are therefore based on the conservation of ancient Campania vines, such as Aglianico, Falanghina and Greco, which have always been cultivated in the Irpinia region. The soils on which the Ponterotto vineyards are planted are present in various areas of the Irpinia wine district: in the territory of the municipality of Mirabella Eclano, where an experiment is underway on vineyards of Falanghina variety grapes; in the hamlet of Santa Paolina, more suitable for the cultivation of Greco grapes; in the municipality of Montemarano, one of the small Irpinia towns famous for the cultivation of Aglianico and, in particular, of the Taurasi DOCG wine. Ponterotto currently produces 4 types of Campania wines, referred to under various famous designations: for the red wines, we refer to Campania Aglianico IGT “Helea”; for the white wines instead Greco di Tufo DOCG “Narciso” and Irpinia Falanghina DOC “Perzechè”; the latest experimentation, as regards bubbles, is the Ponterotto Spumante Brut Irpinia Greco DOC “Lisetta”.

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