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The Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin (DOCG) certifies to the consumer the geographical origin of a wine in Italy. Initially established by a relative ministerial decree, since 2010 the DOCG designation has been included in the EU category PDO (Protected Designation of Origin). According to the present legislation, the name of the designation must be mentioned on the label of the wine product and it can consist of the geographical name of a wine production area or the combination of the historical name of a product and its production area. The DOCG designation is reserved for those wines already recognized with the Controlled Designation of Origin (DOC) for at least ten years and considered of particular value and prestige in relation to the intrinsic qualitative specifications, in comparison with similar wines thus classified, focusing on the incidence of traditional natural, human and historical factors and which have achieved national and international reputation and commercial exploitation.

Before being on the market, during the production phase DOCG wines undergo an organoleptic examination and a preliminary chemical-physical analysis that certify compliance with the indications set out in the procedural guideline. Furthermore, the organoleptic test must also be repeated during the bottling phase; finally, for wines with the DOCG designation a sensory analysis (tasting phase) carried out by a special commission is also provided. Failure to comply with the requirements prevents the wine product from entering the market with the DOCG designation. For the DOCG designation the Italian legislation establishes a further segmentation into sub-areas (municipalities or parts of it) or micro-areas (vineyards or a little more then them), or the additional geographical indication, which provides for a further classification on its own that lends the final product the attestation of an even higher quality level. The Campania region boasts the production of 4 typologies of wines with the DOCG designation: these are the red wines Taurasi DOCG, Aglianico del Taburno DOCG, and the white wines Greco di Tufo DOCG and Fiano di Avellino DOCG.

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Taurasi DOCG “Vigna Cinque Querce” – Salvatore Molettieri

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Taurasi DOCG “Opera mia” – Tenuta Cavalier Pepe

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Taurasi DOCG BIO – Boccella Rosa

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Taurasi DOCG – Boccella Rosa

Original price was: €55,00.Current price is: €50,00.
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