Irpinia DOC

Irpinia DOC is one of the flagship of the Campania region and its hinterland, especially regarding to the wine district sited in the province of Avellino, renowed for the production of high-quality ranged wines. Officially approved in 2005, Irpinia DOC wines represent the resulting outcome of several important natural factors that found their uniqueness: vineyards are positioned on sufficiently high slopes with a really good exposure; soils are composed of volcanic elements and clay and limestone; the recurring event of long-lasting summers and the level of the temperature excursion between the night-time and the daytime. Red wines with the Irpinia DOC designation are characterized by a more or less intense ruby ​​red colour, by a floral and fruity scent, which reminds of the natural world that surrounds the vineyards, and by a dry and balanced flavour.

Irpinia DOC red wines: a brief overview on the modes of production

Following the corresponding procedural guideline, the red wine with the Irpinia DOC designation is composed of the 70 per cent of Aglianico grapes and a maximum percentage of 30 per cent with grapes of other varieties. In addition to Aglianico, other red grape variety’s vineyards can be included in the realisation of Irpinia DOC, as for example the grape varieties called Piedirosso (also known as “Per ‘e Palummo) and Sciascinoso (well-known as “Olivella”). A noteworthy importance has been conferred to the production of the Irpinia DOC red wine with the geographical indication of the Campi Taurasini area, which is strictly allowed only in the territories of the 24 municipalities stated in the procedural guideline.

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