Irpinia Rosato DOC wine

Irpinia Rosato DOC wine is one of the wine typologies provided by the prestigious Irpinia DOC designation and it is produced in the municipalities that make up the district of Avellino. The peculiarity of this wine is based on the modes of production adopted by the winemakers: indeed it is a matter of a method based on a “rosé” vinification process of black variety grapes, in the sense that the vinification of the latter takes place through the mode of production adopted for white wines. In addition to the typology of vine and the area of ​​origin, another important element is the reduction of maceration times in contact with the peels and the grape seeds, reduced to a minimum range in such a way as to ensure that only a small fraction of the colouring substances and of the tannins are transferred to the wine, characterizing in particular the intensity of the colour and the structure of the body. The organoleptic characteristics lend Irpinia Rosato DOC wine a cherry pink colour, while the olfactory profile is floral and fruity; on the other hand, on the palate it results in a dry and soft flavour.

Irpinia Rosato DOC wine: a brief overview on the modes of production

According to the procedural guideline, the composition of Irpinia Rosato DOC wine mainly includes grapes from the Aglianico vine for a minimum percentage of 70 per cent, while for the remaining part (a maximum percentage of 30 per cent) it is allowed the use of non-aromatic, black variety grapes from other vines, jointly or separately, included among the varieties suitable for cultivation in the distrcit of Avellino.

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