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Until the publication of the EU Regulation n. 203/2012, organic wine did not formally exist and until 2012 the winemakers had the right to indicate this type of wine as “produced with grapes from organic farming”. For about ten years, EU has recognized the possibility of placing on the market products officially recognized as “organic wines”; in addition, according to the new legislation, the methods of vinification and the creation of a EU logo to be affixed on the label for wineries certified by an authorized institution are also outlined. A wine can, therefore, be defined as “organic” generally when there are two basic conditions: in one case the product in question is defined as the result of organic grape production, i.e. from grapes cultivated without the aid of synthetic chemical substances (fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, pesticides in general) and without the use of genetically modified organisms; in the other case, however, the vinification process takes place using only the oenological products and processes authorized by the aforementioned EU regulation n. 203/2012. To comply with these new regulations, wineries have to accept a series of restrictions in the use of certain oenological practices and in the use of adjuvant substances during the winemaking process, finally obtaining a certificate of conformity from a recognized institution. Once the certification has been obtained, each producer will still be able to follow their own mode of production, using the agronomic and oenological practices that best correspond to their concept of “sustainable agriculture”.

In Italy and especially in the Campania region, the constraints and limits imposed by the EU legislation indicate values ​​that are already high for the wines produced, above all thanks to the climatic conditions more favorable to the cultivation of the vine as regards the vast majority of the national territory, and therefore for the most part already within these standards regardless of their organic certification or not. Nonetheless, an increasing number of Campania winemakers are adapting to EU legislation.

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