Campania IGT and IGP wines

IGT (Typical Geographical Indication) and IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) wines are at the base of the pyramid scale in which the various important designations attributed to the different types of wine are included; in this sense they are positioned under the DOC and DOCG categories. All IGT – IGP wines are table wines of fine, if not very fine quality. Since 2010 the two IGP and IGT designations are the same and the first designation has incorporated the second one, although many producers still tend to use the IGT designation. Although not having the suitable requisites to be classified among DOC or DOCG wines, both for the choice of those who produce them and for their specific composition, IGP wines are considered excellent products that differ in consistency, flavour and aroma, from simpler and cheaper table wines. In fact, while generic table wines are often the result of mixing different types of grapes, interlacing is not allowed for the production of IGP wines. The IGP designation is therefore synonymous with guarantee: before being recognized as IGP, the wine is scrupulously checked, having to respond to specific characteristics established by specific regulations and procedural guidelines.

The typical geographical indication refers primarily to the region where the wine is produced; often it is a matter of rather large areas, but delimited by regional borders. In addition to the exact location, the colour of the wine, the grape varieties used and possibly also the vintage must be reported on the product label. Campania wineries produce different and prestigious IGP and IGT red and white wines, among which Campania IGP, Colli di Salerno IGP, Terre del Volturno IGP, Dugenta IGP, Epomeo IGP and many other refined designations stand out.

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