Miér Vini: wines, history and philosophy

The “Miér Vini” winery was born in Taurasi in 2000 thanks to the inventiveness and passion for agriculture, and in particular for viticulture, of Giacomo Pastore and Flora Tranfaglia. Located in the heart of the Irpinia wine-growing area, in the Campania region, MiérVini is mainly active in the territory of Taurasi and some neighboring towns, a famous area for the three DOCG designations which take their names from the historical grapes grown in this part of Southern Italy: Aglianico, Fiano and Greco. After years of working in the sales and marketing sector for a local agricultural cooperative, Giacomo, thanks to his father’s legacy, decided to create a family business with his wife Flora, based on agricultural and mainly wine-making work, with the aim of “dedicating themselves to an artisanal way of winemaking far from industrial logic, faithful to local tradition both in terms of timing and technique”.

Miér Vini: the wines

Giacomo and Flora’s winery cultivates the typical and native vineyards of the Irpinia area, distributed in the territory of the municipalities of Taurasi, Pratola Serra and Montefalcione, where the vineyards enjoy all the main environmental factors deriving from plants located on calcareous soils-clayey, which gives particular strength to the plants and important mineral characteristics to the grapes. Thanks to meticulous work and processing methods in balance between tradition and innovation, Miér Vini can proudly boast the production of authentic Campania wines, some of which are produced only during favourable vintages and all characterized by strictly artisanal winemaking processes, without the use of animal-based technological aids, which is why those made by Miér Vini can be considered vegan wines in all respects. Among their wines, the red ones “Don Ciriaco” and “Vigna San Michele” stand out, two Taurasi DOCG versions; but also the Irpinia Campi Taurasini DOP “Nero Latino”, from the famous sub-area, and the Irpinia Aglianico DOP “Bucce Nere”, aged in tonneaux and Irpinian chestnut barrels like most red wines. As for the white wines, the Fiano di Avellino DOCG “BIanco Fiore” and the Greco di Tufo DOCG “Ergo Sum” are noteworthy, without forgetting the Campania Falanghina IGP wine “Chiaro di Luna” and Campania Coda di Volpe IGP wine “Ladra”. Furthermore, MiérVini creates its rosé version from Aglianico grapes, called “MacchiaRosa”, and an Extra Dry sparkling wine from Falanghina grapes, “ReMier 1209”, produced between Sannio and Irpinia.

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