Taurasi DOCG

Taurasi DOCG is one of the most prestigious Campania red wines, that it is possible to produce only in 17 towns located in the internal region called Irpinia, where vineyards are positioned between 350 and 800 metres above sea level. Its growing system and production are regulated by a procedural guideline adopted with an administrative order published on the Official Journal of the Italian Republic since 1970. Taurasi DOCG wine is maked by Aglianico grapes, to which until the 15 per cent of other types of grapes can be added, even if many winemakers choose a 100 per cent Aglianico vinifaction. Before being available for sale, Taurasi DOCG is aged for at least 3 years, and 1 year in oak barrels. Taurasi DOCG is an elegant red wine, with an intense ruby red colour, which is suited for achieving a particular gustatory balance expressed in a full-bodied, but at the same time tannic and balanced flavour, characterized by the typical smell of its land and the surrounding undergrowth, that is the reason why it is more suitable to be consumed after an adequate aging process.

Taurasi DOCG wine through history

1928 is the turning point for Taurasi DOCG wine, as regards its recognition and success beyond the borders of the Campania region and Irpinia in particular. Already mentioned in 1898 by Strafforello, who describes it as follows: «In good vintages wine is very abundant and most of it is exported to the neighbouring provinces, mainly with the name “Taurasio” and others. The best quality is harvested in the municipality of Taurasi”, Taurasi wine became famous in the early Thirties thanks to the “wine railway”, in other words because of the transportation of Campania red wine in the Tuscan, Piedmontese and French wine-growing districts (in the Bordeaux area), affected at the time by the Filossera, a parasitical insect that was decimating the local vineyards and to which the Campania vines were immune thanks to the particular qualities of the sandy and volcanic soils on which they had been planted. After years of low production and small quantitative outcomes, especially because of the tragic events that characterize most of the Twentieth Century, in 1960s Taurasi wine began to be considered one of the best Italian wines and after the assignment of the DOCG designation (Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin) in 1970s it started to achieve and preserve the present reputation.

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