Tenuta De Lisio: wines, history, and philosophy

Tenuta De Lisio winery was founded in 2006 thanks to the brothers Carlo and Lucio De Lisio, in the heart of Montemarano, in Irpinia, in the district of Avellino. The winery enhances the ancient winemaking traditions of the region, producing extraordinary wines that reflect the Irpinia terroir, one of a kind. The De Lisio family has a long history in wine production, reflected in their meticulous approach to viticulture and winemaking. The objective of Tenuta De Lisio is to preserve traditional methods by integrating them with modern techniques to improve the quality of the grapes produced. The company extends over several hectares cultivated with fine vineyards, where the historic Aglianico vine, a local grape of ancient prestige, is processed. The winery places a strong emphasis on sustainability and minimal intervention in the processing of land and plants, guaranteeing the authenticity of each bottle in representing all the characteristic elements of the Irpinia landscape.

The wines of Tenuta De Lisio

Tenuta De Lisio offers a diverse range of wines, with Aglianico as its flagship product. The wines are carefully crafted, using hand-picked grapes and traditional winemaking processes. Each wine contains the rich and robust flavours typical of the region, making them a true expression of Irpinia’s winemaking excellence. The careful work of Tenuta De Lisio winery is represented by the production of four red Campania wines with an entirely Irpinian soul, falling within two famous regional designations: Taurasi DOCG “Delisio”, a typical red wine of the area, the flagship designation of the Irpinia wine district; the Irpinia Campi Taurasini DOC “Sallù” red wine, from a prized sub-area referred to under the more general Irpinia DOC; and two Irpinia Aglianico DOC red wines: “Vincarl” and “O’ Surs”, all wines that embody the dedication and passion of the De Lisio family in the creation of each bottle, a true testament to the commitment to quality and tradition.

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